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New Construction Financing


Metropolitan Commercial Mortgage Funding manages a privately funded, short-term, construction loan program that provides financing for residential and commercial construction and development projects:

This program is designed to provide capital to build: spec inventory of single-family homes, condominiums and/or townhomes that can be sold at a profit. The build-out, when completed will be sold at a sufficient profit to pay off our private loan, and to satisfy the project’s financial goals. 

If and when supported by the appraisal, the loan proceeds can cover the purchase of the site, the development of the site, and the vertical construction of the home. We often look to include all closing costs, loan fees, points, into the loan proceeds. For information about how are privately funded process works, click here. For information/application paperwork about “single lot’ new construction projects, click here.

This program primarily focuses on the construction of shopping/retail, multifamily, and hotel/motel properties and vertical, stable, continental US markets.
In the process of structuring the financing, we will review, order, or obtain a title report, inspection report, construction estimate, construction drawings, disbursement schedule, and a certified real estate appraisal that sets forth either the “subject to”, or the “after construction” value (ACV) of the newly-built home or entire build-out.

Our “Project Financing” programs combines a “conventional lending” with a “silent partner” structure. This is what allows us to focus more on the upside potential of the project itself, and not rely too heavily on the borrower’s financial strength. This program deviates from stringent credit, collateral, and personal guarantee requirements that are usually required for residential/commercial borrowing in favor of a “premium” rate of return derived from the the project’s cash flow.

We do not charge upfront fees and the only out-of-pocket expenses that may/will be incurred by the builder/developer are what is typical for any builder’s due diligence when planning and preparing for any development project. Please click here to download a checklist.

But first things first. If you have a project that has been stalled in the water, turned down by your local bank, or seems too speculative for you to bring to your local loan officer, I’d like an opportunity to provide a financing proposal for that very same project for your review. If the proposed terms are acceptable to you, then we will be glad to on-board the project into our underwriting schedule for funding and closing within 30 to 45 days after the completion of our due diligence.

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